This is an SMS Life and Death, Everyone must know about it. Carefully.

This message is for the public and is very important. Please read this and please teach each member of your family and especially children.
This is an SMS Life and Death, Everyone must know about it. Carefully.
Several years ago J.P. Hotel Vasant Vihar had a fire accident in New Delhi, in which many Indians were killed, but Japanese and not American Do you know why? I'll tell you.

1. All American and Japanese people put wet towels in empty spaces under the doors of their rooms and sealed the empty places so that the smoke could not reach their rooms. Or reached in very small amounts.

2. All these foreign guests tied a wet napkin on their nose so that they could not smoke in their lungs.

3. All foreign guests lie down on the floor of their own rooms. (Because the smoke always rises upwards)

So long as the Fire Department employees came, they were able to keep themselves alive.

While the hotel's Indian guests were unaware of these safeguards, they started running away from there and the smoke-filled their lungs and died in a short time.

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Just yesterday a fire accident occurred at a coaching center in Surat (Gujarat), due to the ignorance and panic in the lives of many children. If they had information about these safeguards then perhaps there would not have been such a large number of children in their lives.

Remember, most of the deaths occur in the fire due to smoke in the body, while the fire is less due to it.

Because in the event of fire we do not work patiently and run away from here. By fleeing, our breath gets faster, due to which a lot of smoke enters our lungs and we become unconscious and fall on the ground and then get scorched with flames.

Therefore, in case of fire, follow these safety measures: -

1. Do not get stampede and keep your senses so that you can help others.

2. Tie a wet napkin or wet but dense cloth on your nose. And lie down on the floor.

3. If you are locked in a room then close the door of your window and if there is a possibility of smoke coming down or from above or anywhere, seal it with wet cloth too.

4 Ask people around you to do the same.

5. Wait for fire fighting assistance. Remember, firefighters check each room and they will find stranded people.

6. If your mobile is working, then you should keep calling for help on 100, 101 or 102 continuously. Give them your location information too. They will reach you first.

I have 20 minutes in writing this message. You can send this message to your loved ones in a few seconds.

Anyone can be trapped in the crash. Therefore, everyone must know about security measures.

Spammy messages are all forwarded. I see, where do you send the message full of this information?

My advice is, you should reach all your loved ones.  THANKYOU.
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